Radio Rubber Room EP4, Joey Ripps and Draztik from Just Plain Sounds

February 27th, 2011

Last nights show feat. Joey Ripps and Drastiq from Just Plain Sounds made for a Dynamite Episode. Plenty of laughter, low brow humor and intellectual conversation to go around. Joey and Draztiq spoke highly of Richmond Hip Hop, what the future holds for the Just Plain Sounds Crew and Ghost World (Joey Ripps up and coming live Hip Hop Band). Joey brought sever songs from his recently released album "Son of 1000 Pardons", an excellent sophomore effort that slaps the listener in the face with super illness.

New fake ads in this episode: The Afghanistan Travel Agency, Joey Schlong's Porn School for Underprivileged Girls, and The Self Esteem Alarm Clock. New hilarious transitions and much, much more.

Play list:

1) Blink - Joey Ripps (Produced by Just Plain Ant) 2) Blunt Wrapz - Joey Ripps (Produced by Gordy Michaels) 3) Crush, Kill, Destroy - Joey Ripps Feat. Draztiq & God-4Bid 4) Pick Your Weapon - Joey Ripps (Produced by Just Plain Ant) 5) The Solar Return - Ghost World 6) Sleaze - Wake Up 7) Sick - Draztik Feat. Samsun


Radio Rubber Room EP3, The Rift

February 20th, 2011

Episode 3 features The Rift (formally Caught In The Rift), a Richmond, VA 5 piece rock band with profoundly deep tunes. The guys spent 2 hours with us laughing it up and playing some of those great songs live, in-studio. The Rift where great sports that played along with The Crying Game where we made them guess which one of the three hosts (Dan, Derrick or Manzelli) cried to the obscure movies that we listed. Hilarious! Plenty of brand new, funny ass satirical ads to entertain you. New ones to look forward to are: The Sweet Talking Ben Doll, The Computer Condom and Mandol (Menstrual medication for men).Don't miss this podcasts, episode 2 is is by far one of the funniest live music podcasts I've been involved with to date. I'm sure you'll agree.

Other Songs played on this show include:

Insane - People's Blues of Richmond (PBR)

Wool Gathering - Down Beat Switch

On The Inside - Muelle


Episode 2, Dem 360 Boyz

February 13th, 2011

This episode features Dem 360 Boyz. 360 Boyz are a talented group of business minded rappers from Richmond, VA. These guys know how to promote and put on a show, and they share some of their secrets and ideas with us in this episode. We also got down on a game called "Is It Gangster" where we showed the Boyz close up photos and made them guess if it was gangster or not. Play along with the Boyz while you listen over at

Episode 1, Psychobilly Cadillac

February 7th, 2011