Radio Rubber Room EP7 - The Dream Machine

March 27th, 2011

In this weeks episode, The Dream Machine joined the guys as they got real stupid. This show is packed with buckets full of laughs, jokes and great live music. Grandma Lucy Blessed us with some jokes while Simon called in and imposed his show picks on us. Derrick and Dan totally hit on Simone's Mom and tried to hook up.

New Fake Ad - Radio Rubber Room The Board Game

Track List:

Three Day's Ride - Muelle Room to Breathe - Downbeat Switch Girl in the City - Brand New Groovement In the Morning - Proverbial


Radio Rubber Room EP6 - Dez Movado

March 20th, 2011

In Episode 6 those crazy rubber room guys had an in studio conversational jam session with 16 year old hip hop prodigy Dez Movado. Dez brought the heat on several tracks we played in promotion of his new mix tape "Vol1 Memories oV A Dreamer". Dez was a young man of few words but the guys filled in the gaps by verbally abusing Manzelli and making for a super humorous show. Not only did they roll with with the punches and bring plenty of laughs with new fake ads that include: The Chastity Condom and Banana Disease, but they also included a new and reoccurring skit known only as Rubber Room in Space.

Track List:

1) Joey Ripps - Beyond Me 2) Dez Movado - Summertime Breezes 3) Dem 360 Boyz - UB on My Mind 4) Dez Movado - Florida Ave. 5) Note - Don't Look Back 6) Dez Movado - Rollin 7) Dez Movado - Boozer Life 8) Dez Movado - Somethin Special 9) Who I Be - God IV Bid

Radio Rubber Room EP5, Rock Band No Dice

March 6th, 2011

Radio Rubber Room EP5, Rock Band No Dice

In Episode 5 of Radio Rubber Room, the Richmond Rock Band "No Dice" joined us to goof off, play some live tunes and have a lot of laughs. No Dice is a three piece Rock Band that features the Guitar, Bass and Vocals from Ryan and Ryan (Really, Ryan and Ryan switch off like every song, and they do it well) and drums from Gina. We had a wonderful time with No Dice getting real stupid with us and talking about their last album "Do Nice". They also spoke on the inspiration for their tunes, what there is to do in Ashland and what the plan is for their second album which will be self titled. No dice played the Radio Rubber Room original online-interactive game "Hipster or Hamster" and got crushed! "Hipster or Hamster can be found on Play along as you listen.

New hilarious skits included in this show - Candies White Trash Dream House Play Set, The Radio Rubber Room Online Dating Ad and The Flying Nuclear Robot Tank Foundation

Other music provided by Silo Effect, PsychoBilly Cadillac, The Peoples Blues of Richmond and Proverbial.