Radio Rubber Room EP10, Destiny Da Chef

April 18th, 2011

This week, Destiny Da Chef came in and kicked with those wacky lunatics on Radio Rubber Room. We where also joined in studio by White Urban Comedy Specialist, Patrick McCarthy. The guys probed Destiny and got down on what it takes to cut your chops as a female Emcee. She brought super dope songs and the guys got mad stupid while Patrick led the way. As always, Simon brought his retainer and joined us briefly for Simon Says but Chris almost strangled the kid for jocking his steeze. Check Check it, this show has dope Hip Hop by the radio load. New Fake Ads - Erotic Asphyxiation PSA & Beer Goggles.

Track List:

1) We Should Be Touching - Old Sweet Chiba 2) Destiny Da Chef - Bounce Don't Stop 3) Dez Movado - Boozer Lyfe 4) Destiny Da Chef - Weak 5) Dem 360 Boyz - Beat it Up 6)Destiny Da Chef - Stupis Wild 7) Destiny Da Chef - I Got Flavorrrr 8) Joey Ripps - Beyond Me 9) Destiny Da Chef - Da Truth

Radio Rubber Room EP9, Scottzilla and Sir Justice

April 11th, 2011

We had our scheduled guest canceled on us last minute but we were lucky enough to have Scott Ellett and Joey Justice fill the void. They brought some great original tunes, played one from Flight of the Concords and we had a lot of fun. Grandma Lucy called in with Jokes and kept us rolling and Simon joined us in-studio for the second addition of Simon Says. As always, this show is filled with raunchy humor, intelligent conversation and good music. New Skits/Fake Ads/Product Parodies: TESTICLZ, Natural Male Enhancement & The Jeffery Dahmer Cook Book.

Track List:

1) Grinding Stone - Get On 2) Murphy's Kids - Hands On 3) Proverbial - Down Here 4) Acousticat - Three Seasons Past 5) Silo Effect - Surfaces


Radio Rubber Room EP8 - Grinding Stone

April 3rd, 2011

This weeks guest was Grinding Stone, a six piece blues-rock-soul band that's been doing their thing for 7 years. Unfortunately only Chris Johnson (Guitar/vocals) and Allen Jarrell (drums) could make it because the rest of the band (VCU ALUMNI) had to be present to watch the game. We watched too and for nostalgic purposes gave score updates throughout the show. That didn't slow us down though and we made the guys from Grinding Stone open up and get mad stupid-funny with us. THose guys where awesome and their music is bad ass. Check them out on iTunes. This weeks fake ad - The Rick Springfield Dead Hooker Removal Service, also, Episode 2 of Rubber Room in Space.

Big thanks to Dem 360 Boyz for letting us use their track "VCU Anthem" as our intro this week.

Track list -

1) Dem 360 Boyz - VCU Anthem (INTRO) 2) Psychobilly Cadillac - Out Of Mind 3) No Dice - Going Home 4) Peoples Blues of Richmond - Only Insane 5) The Dream Machine - Dead Man's Tongue 6) Opposite The Satellite - Blind Spot 7) The Rift - Fire Escapes