Radio Rubber Room EP19, The Honorable Sleaze, hilarious

June 28th, 2011

In this weeks episode, The Honorable Sleaze (emcee, producer & video game aficionado) joined us to talk music, producing, J-P-S, the Richmond music scene & the rap game. Sleaze brought songs and represented for his crew Just Plain Sounds. He also shared his opinion on various topics while somehow resisting the sexual advancements of Simons Mom and all her cougar powers. Matt Stanfield called in and briefly talked sports in the first hour, while Simon lost his retainer during "Simon Says", revealing his true voice.


1) Noah O - Winning

2) The Honorable Sleaze - Intro/Swingin'

3) Black Liquid - Richmond

4) The Honorable Sleaze - Acid Queen

5) The Honorable Sleaze - Old Soul

6) Joey Ripps - Beyond Me

7) The Honorable Sleaze - Sparrow

8) Dem 360 Boyz - Party Hard

9) The Honorable Sleaze - Fist City

Radio Rubber Room EP18, Air Circus, hilarious

June 22nd, 2011

I'd pick Hysterical - If I had to choose one word to describe the conversation that took place when Even Howard and Dave Klemencic from The Air Circus joined the show last week. The Air Circus brought some super high quality (I'm being sarcastic here) recordings that they ripped from video on Youtube and we chatted it up about cross dressing, why the harpsichord declined in popularity, Crystal Pepsi and the physical effects wearing toe shoes have on your back. Seriously though, this show is HYSTERICAL and you will not want to miss it! New Content to look for - Radio Rubber Room Action Figures, All My Demons (SKIT).


1) Downbeat Switch - Room To Breath

2) Miriam Martin - Marvelous Things, Foolish Things

3) Scottzilla And Acoustikat - Three Seasons Past

4) No Dice - Bicycle Girl

5) The Rift - Fire Escapes

6) Muelle - Torn Down


Radio Rubber Room EP17, Spotted Dead Nettle, hilarious

June 13th, 2011

This week the Rubber Room guys welcomed Spotted Dead Nettle into the studio. They brought with them their instruments and rocked out with us on a variety of of original tunes that showed off their wide spectrum of influences. Spotted Dead Nettle is a four piece rock band that features Will on Drums, Brian on bass, Joe playing lead guitar, and Jordan providing vocals/guitar/keys. For Spotted Dead Nettle's first ever radio performance, the Radio Rubber Room guys went relatively easy on them, but did not hold back when it came to abusing Simon during "Simon Says". Spotted Dead Nettle held it down, while Derrick's head nearly exploded from a caffeine overdose. Listen to the show on demand, subscribe to it for free on iTunes and don't forget to check us out every Saturday from 6-8PM on 102.9 FM in Richmond, VA

Track List:

1) The Dream Machine - Dead Man's Tongue

2) The Former Champions - Stereo System

3) People's Blues Of Richmond - Only Insane

4) Grinding Stone - Get On

5) Proverbial - Drug Of Choice

Radio Rubber Room EP16, Opposite The Satellite, hilarious

June 9th, 2011

In this weeks episode Opposite The Satellite joined the Rubber Room for some juvenile fun and low brow humor. Opposite The Satellite brought the pain with two of their angst filled original tunes while covering two of our favorite Nirvana songs (Poly, Something In The Way). Manzelli was not present because he had to attend a wedding, as expected, Simon tracked his super secret location down and made his mom drop him off. Simon's Mom filled in for "Simon Says" and informed everyone where the happenings where in Richmond this week. After a short creative hiatus, the guys returned with a new product parody in "Albert Fallenscratches Old Fashioned School For Skip Whistling".

Track List:

1) Du Brut - Temptation

2) The Rift - Fire Escapes

3) Psychobilly Cadillac - Out Of Mind

4) Downbeat Switch - The Light

5) The Good Birds - Hello Sunrise