Radio Rubber Room EP22, The Trillions, hilarious

July 17th, 2011

Boom! This week The Trillions brought a van full of gear to Ashland to shred-pop and rock your faces off. All week, Dan would not shut up about their Flux EP (Available on their website!) leading up to the show and Charles, Joe, Chris and Robbie did not disappoint. The Trillions made some of the best guests we've had and this made for one of our best shows to date. Derrick was away on vacation but still called in for the 2nd hour and started cursing up a storm like a drunken sailor. The guys didn't miss Derrick one iota being that Ryan Crenshaw from NO DICE made an excellent replacement. One would assume that it's hard to make great music sound bad, but not when Dan's behind the boards. In his defense, he only had two minutes before the show to do a sound check, so he replaced two of the songs with studio recordings. As promised, we had plenty of new material.1 Skit and 4 Product Parodies...You'll just have to listen to find out!


1)Former Champions - Stereo System

2) Proverbial - What I'm Good For

3) Opposite The Satellite - Blind Spot

4) Photosynthesizers - Word Of Mouth

5) Black Girls - Music Theory (For Haters)

6) The Kindling Kind - Awakening


Radio Rubber Room EP21, Black Girls, hilarious

July 11th, 2011

Black Girls where voted Style Weekly's Best Rock Band of 2011, so you can imagine how excited we where when they joined us to talk music, play some original tunes and get goofy live with the guys. We also dug up a bit about the bands history, influences and they revealed their secrets about the best place to pick up cougars in Richmond(you'll just have to listen to find out). It was easy to see why they where voted Rock Band Of The Year once they started playing and Dan spared no complements when verbally fluffing their egos. Though Manzelli is no longer with the show, in this episode we introduced Shaun to fill both his seat and his elf shoes. No new content, but we promise big things next week.


1) Downbeat Switch - Room To Breath

2) The Trillions - Goodbye Rubbish Head

3) No Dice - Bicycle Girl

4) The Rift - Fire Escapes

5) Grinding Stone - Meet Me In The Middle

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Radio Rubber Room EP20, Silo Effect, Hilarious

July 5th, 2011

In this weeks episode Matt Hughes and Steve Owen from Silo Effect joined us in-studio to talk about their music, play some tunes and goof off with the guys. This was Manzelli and Simons last show so the guys gave them a farewell during "Simon Says" so they can move to New York and get gay married. Matt and Steve awed and inspired the guys with their impressive festival performance experience and vast catalog of mind altering music. Silo Effect talked food, local restaurants/venues and the possibility that Dan's enormous head is proof he is really a human/alien hybrid.


1) Proverbial - End Is Never

2) The Kindling Kind - Wild Child

3) Peoples Blues Of Richmond - Only Insane

4) Brand New Groovment - Girl In The City

5) PsychoBilly Cadillac - Out Of Mind

6) The Good Birds - John Henry