Radio Rubber Room EP26, Richmond Comedy Coalition, hilarious

August 21st, 2011

This week, Middle Management joined us and represented The Richmond Comedy Coalition. RCC and Middle Management are a local improv comedy group that consistently bring the funny. They schooled us on improv comedy with facts, details, a hilarious demonstration that included a live skit. Listen to the whole show and find out the fruit Dans body is most shaped like, what male celebrity Derrick has a crush on, and which part of Shauns body will make you hallucinate if you lick it. No new content this week but based on our in-studio laugh-o-meter, none was needed. Also includes some great RVA Music.

Want to learn IMPROV??? For info on Improv Classes offered by Richmond Comedy Coalition, click here <-----

Track List:

1. Caught in the Rift - 25th Street

2. Photosynthesizers - Comet

3. Silo Effect - Surfaces

4. Black Girls - Broadway

5. PBR - Only Insane

6. Downbeat Switch - The Light(live on RadioRubberRoom

7. No Dice - Flying Machine

8. Opposite The Satelites - Blind Spot

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Radio Rubber Room EP25, The Kindling Kind, hilarious

August 15th, 2011

In Episode 25 of Radio Rubber Room the guys were lucky to have The Kindling Kind Grace us with their presence. They brought their instruments a displayed a great folkish sound that was highlighted by the beautiful vocals and lyrical ability of the lead singer, Mirium Martin. They played a few tunes for us of their current self title release as well as new one they have yet to lay down.

We talk to the group about they their process, their plans for the future and pancakes. A lot about pancakes. Simon’s Mom also made an appearance with her show picks this week which she concluded with a very interesting rendition of “Living on a Prayer" by Bonjovi. Overall great times.

Track List

1) Muelle - Torn Down

2) The Kindling Kind - Awakening

3) Downbeat Switch - Track Me Down(Live at The Canal Club)

4) The Kindling Kind - Wild Child

5) Psychobilly Cadillac - Weather Van

6) Tommy Edwards - Browns and Greys

7) The Kindling Kind - Lovely Mess

8) The Canary Promise - Born Again

9) The Kindling Kind - Fire To My Bones

10) The Good Birds - John Henry


Radio Rubber Room EP24, Photosynthesizers, hilarious

August 9th, 2011

This week on Radio Rubber Room we had the pleasure of hanging out with Mikemetic Kemetic and Bar Codez of Photosynthesizers. They stopped by with CD in hand to chat with us about their music, the local scene and their plans for the near future. We learned that the the band name is a metaphor for turning light into sound - mad cool! They also brought along some new tracks they have been working on and almost slipped and released some big new about plans they have on the horizon. Almost. New content: Sexalion, The Ultimate Wingman

Track List:

1) Black Girls - Get Off

2) Photosynthesizers - Crush (Kjell remix)

3) Silo Effect - Surfaces

4) Photosynthesizers - Telepathy

5) Aqueous - Phase III

6) The Kindling Kind - Lovely Mess

7) Photosynthesizers - Comet

8) No Dice - Bicycle Girl Pt. 1

9) Photosynthesizers - Word of Mouth

10) Be Sharp Duo - En Fuego


Radio Rubber Room EP23, Be Sharp Duo, hilarious

August 5th, 2011

In this episode, Evan Howard and Kevin Bleakley of Be Sharp Duo joined us in Ashland, VA for some sub-par radio fun. They brought some cool tunes. We covered several duo related topics such as: listening to music together, playing music together and eating hot dogs, together. Shaun's incoherent drunken babble garnered tons of laughter and plenty of confusion. New Content: Juan Mc Rameirez's Super Nipple Shield & Pep Powder

We would like to apologize for the late posting of this podcast. Dan thought it necessary to wash the show. By wash it we don’t mean edit it. He actually washed it. The jump drive that the file was saved on took a trip in one of his pockets through the washing machine. Who knew he actually did laundry? Luckily the drive dried out in a bowl of rice and the show was saved. Enjoy.

Song list

1) The Trillions - Ctrl-C Ctrl-V

2) Be Sharp Duo - En Fuego

3) The Dream Machine - Dead Man’s Tongue

4) Be Sharp Duo - Flying on Electricity

5) Psychobilly Cadillac - Out of Mind

6) Downbeat Switch - Room to Breath

7) Be Sharp Duo - Let Go

8) Proverbial - What I’m Good For

9) Be Sharp Duo - Caution

10) Black Girls - Broadway