Radio Rubber Room EP31, feat Noah-O

September 27th, 2011

In Episode 31, MC Noah-O stopped by the Rubber Room. Dan and Noah-O have some history and had a lot to talk about involving the Richmond Hip-Hop Scene, from where it has been, where it is now and where it is going. We got to here a few of Noah's track off of his latest release "I Got it" one of which has recently been in rotation on MTV as well as a few that have yet to be released. Hear them first on Radio Rubber Room. Later in the show Shaun informed Derrick that he had been playing a new game with him called Whats In My Coffee. Turns out it was decaf.


Radio Rubber Room EP 30 feat. Dane Ferguson

September 21st, 2011

Last Saturday, Dane Ferguson joined us last minute on Radio Rubber Room. He brought his guitar and some really cool songs he wrote inspired by life in Richmond. Though Dane had no idea what he was getting himself into he was a good sport and rolled with the punches for two straight hours. At the end of the show, he even ate one of the old rancid hotdogs we brought for him, and he liked it. New content this episode: The Fine World Of Art w/ Alijuandro - Sculptures. Track List:

1) Muelle- Torn Down

2) The Canary Promise - It's a Free Market (Baby)

3) No Dice - Flying Machines

4) Paul Westbrook - Streets of Amsterdam

5) Proverbial - Drug of Choice

6) The Good Birds - John Henry (Live on RRR)


Radio Rubber Room EP 29 feat. The Spaceheaters

September 14th, 2011

Last Saturday The Spaceheaters joined us in-studio for some live music and funny. We talked about the obvious plus mascots, punk rock, skateboarding unicorns & the RVA Music Fest. Simons mom was back to talk about Cafe Diem. New content: Shauns Used Clothes.

Track List:

1. Downbeat Switch - Castaway (Live on Radio Rubber Room)

2. No BS Brass Band - 2 The Day

3. The Peoples Blues Of Richmond - Only Insane

4. The Rift - Granted

5. The Dream Machine - Dead Man's Tongue

6. Silo Effect - Surfaces

Radio Rubber Room EP 28 Feat RVA Magazine

September 4th, 2011

RVA Mag Write UP

In this episode of Radio Rubber Room we got geared up for the RVA Music Fest. Tony from RVA Mag joined to talk about the new issue of the Magazine and the upcoming RVA Music Fest they are putting on. We play a new game Shaun concocted call what What am I touching. Luckily our guests where good sports. The shows play list for the show was pack full of bands that will be playing the music fest. A kind of sneak preview.

Click here to buy advanced tickets to the RVA Music Fest

Play List

Black Liquid - Richmond

Black Girls - Get Off

No BS Brass - 2 The Day

Downbeat Switch - Room to Breathe

Proverbial - What I’m Good For

Noah-O - Winning

Muelle - On the Inside

The Trillions - Ctrl-C Ctrl-V

The Kindling Kind - Marvelous Things Foolish Things

Just Plain Ant - The Bridge(feat. Sleaze)

No Dice - Bicycle Girl pt. 1