Radio Rubber Room EP36, Dem 360 Boyz

October 29th, 2011

This week, Radio Rubber Room played host to Dem 360 Boyz hot off the heels from their most recent release, Recession Proof. We chopped it up about the newest album, their last mix-tape Back On The Job, the Richmond music scene, etc.. Donnie was out with an illness but Red and Billz held it down and schooled us on how they use social media, connect with fans and get the ladies to keep coming out to their events. Listen to the show to find out exactly what "Swaver" is. Also in this episode, Simons Mom brought her friend Uncle Funkill and professed her new found love while explaining their very committed, but opened relationship.

DOWNLOAD "Recession Proof" for free, CLICK HERE

Track List:

1. Noah O - Winning

2. Dem 360 Boyz - They Like That

3. Photosynthesizers - Crush

4. Dem 360 Boyz - Party Hard

5. Proverbial - End Is Never

6. Just Plain Ant feat. Sleaze - The Bridge

7. Dem 360 Boyz - You Should Be My Girl

8. Dez Movado - Boozer Lyfe

9. Dem 360 Boyz - Dreamin


Radio Rubber Room EP35, The Dimmer Twins

October 22nd, 2011

In this episode we had John and Kevin from The Dimmer Twins and Horsehead on the show. These guys where great. They had it all; musical talent, good songs, a great sense of humor, and dashing good looks fit for radio. We talked mostly about the twins and established that they are not actual twins and look nothing alike one another. We also discussed their full band, Horsehead and chatted a lot about the Richmond music scenes progression over the last decade. Shaun was on fire tonight, making this episode one of the best. Check check check it out!

Track List:

1. No BS Brass Band - 2 The Day

2. Downbeat Switch - Room To Breathe

3. Patrick Bates - Footsteps

4. Maddie Rosene - Just My Type

5. Proverbial - The End Is Never

6. No Dice - Bicycle Girl Pt.1


Radio Rubber Room EP34, The Midnight Suggestion

October 22nd, 2011

In this episode, Johnny Hugle and Nathan Plummer joined us to talk about The Midnight Suggestion. The Midnight Suggestion is quickly becoming the premier monthly comedy event in Richmond. It takes place at Steady Sounds which is a record store that is located at 322 West Broad Street in the city. Johnny and Nathan where naturally funny fellows who seemed to enjoy being on the air as much as we enjoyed interviewing them. In the first hour, we played "What Am I Touching?" and made them caress some interesting and humorous items. In the second hour, we where honored to receive a call from Marc Hershon who talked to us about his comedy podcast that is about comedy podcasts. Marc is a writer who has worked with note worthy names like Dana Carvey and Jay Leno. He's also the creator of Succotash, The Comedy Podcast Podcast. Enjoy!


Radio Rubber Room EP33, Luke and the Junk and other such Yerbians

October 14th, 2011

In Episode 33 we were joined by Luke and Morgan. They're the guys behind the YERB. Whats a YERB and how do you get there? You'll find out. We learned a lot about whats behind the idea of the YERB and about their plans for the future. They are no doubt a positive element, contributing to the Richmond music and art scene and will continue to do so. Luke also brought a long a few members of his band the junk and played some killer tunes. You definitely want to check these guys out.


Radio Rubber Room EP32, feat The Canary Promise

October 4th, 2011

In this weeks episode, The Canary Promise joined the guys to get down on the Richmond music scene. Not only where they super appreciative for the opportunity to be on the show, but they where also extremely intelligent, brought a solid sense of humor, and rocked out with some aggressive, well constructed, angsty tunes. With songs like "It's a Free Market (Baby)" and "War", it's not hard to see that these guys have a bright future in the Richmond music scene, and beyond. New content: Walkers (The shoes that walk themselves, and you)