Radio Rubber Room EP40, So !lla

November 28th, 2011

In Episode 40, So !LLA's made it back to the Rubber Room. Last time he came on the the show, the station was struck by lighting or something and we lost power half way through. The computer crashed and we lost the podcast as well. But the sky was clear on this day so we were able to make it all the way through. We got to hear from So !lla about his most recent project, L.O.V.E. as well as the projects he will be putting out early in 2012. Shaun was a little confused when he heard So !lla was coming on the show and got him a very interesting get well soon card. This episode also includes RVA hip hop from Dem 360 Boyz, Damaged Andy, Photosynthesizers, Joey Ripps, Just Plain Ant and Sleaze. Check it out.


Radio Rubber Room EP39, The Camel & One Way Richmond

November 20th, 2011

In this episode we were joined by Rand Burgess of The Camel and John Morgan of One Way Richmond. We typically have musicians on this show, but this week we got to hear the perspectives of the owner of one of the venues in which many of them play as well as a journalist who writes about them. It was great to get two different insights into the RVA music scene. Simon's mom showed up and was ecstatic to meet Rand and almost got a little too excited. That women loves music. We had a great time and some great laughs. Enjoy.

Song List

1) The Kindling Kind - Lovely Mess

2) Proverbial - Drug of Choice

3) Black Girls - Get Off

4)The People's Blues of Richmond - Time of Need

5) The Trillions - Ctrl-C Ctrl-V

6) PhotoSynthesizers - Comet


Radio Rubber Room EP38, Ghost Owls

November 13th, 2011

This week the Ghost Owls stopped by Radio Rubber Room. They played us some great tunes off their new EP, Home Remedies. These guys have a great sound and a great style. If you haven't had the opportunity to check them out you need to. We chatted it up with the guys and enjoyed some chocolate milk. Shaun enjoyed a little too much chocolate milk and almost overdosed but we are happy to report he is feeling much better now. We are planning an intervention. So grab yourself a tall glass of chocolate milk, click play, have some laughs and enjoy some great music. Listen with your whole face.

Song List

1) Silo Effect - Surfaces

2) Black Girls - Get Off

3) People's Blues of Richmond - Only Insane

4) Dream Machine - Dead Man's Tongue

5) Spotted Dead Nettle - Depths of Hell

6)Marionette - Orchid


Radio Rubber Room EP37, Tabb Justis and Sounds of RVA

November 7th, 2011

In this episode of Radio Rubber Room we were joined by Tabb Justis of The Metro Richmond Music Council as well as journalist Sarah Lindsey who owns and runs Sounds of RVA. After witnessing the tmblr/twitter conversation between Sarah and a former guest, Johnny Hugel, where Johnny warned Sarah about a little game we play called "What Am I Touching", We couldn't help but torture her with it. Both Tabb and Sarah did extremely well but it still made for a humorous segment. Both guest also performed a live song. A few members of The Hotdamns joined Sarah to help her out with an excellent song that will be on her up coming EP. We also discussed the business of the Richmond music scene and how to further develop it. Listen to this episode to find out more about The Metro Richmond Musicians Council and Sounds of RVA. Oh. And if you love braunshwiger and/or corn bread your going to love this episode. New Content: Shauns Baked Goods: Cornbread & A PSA about Money

Track List

1) Marionette - Orchid

2) Relacksachian - In the Tall Grass

3) The Kindling Kind - Wild Child

4) Proverbial - New John (LIVE @ OBX Brewing Station)

5) Ghost Owls - Tachycardia