Radio Rubber Room EP 43, Saint Diablo

December 23rd, 2011

In this Episode, Saint Diablo became the first ever Metal band brave enough to enter the chaos that is Rubber Room. Only two of the three permanent members where able to make it so Saint Diablo did not shred live on-air. They did bring us three studio tracks to play and talk to us about what it's like being a Richmond Metal band. Interesting enough, Tito and Justin confessed that their influences range from Hip Hop to Flamenco. Though it's not always obvious, it all inspires the same sound that has shared the stage with diverse genres like Mushroomhead, and Busta Rhymes. Saint Diablo brought tons of personality that made for a great show. Listen! This episode includes RVA Music from Opposite The Satellite, The Trillions, People's Blues of Richmond, The Dream Machine and The Kindling Kind. Click here to check out Radio Rubber Room on Facebook and @RadioRubberRoom on Twitter.


Radio Rubber Room EP 42, Soundstorm

December 13th, 2011

In this weeks episode we had Soundstorm blow through the Rubber Room. The word "storm" worries us a little because twice this year our little station in Ashland, Va has lost power during some nasty weather. Luckily they just brought a hurricane of music and the lights stayed on. This group has a killer sound and energy. Like most bands they use the Facebook to get in touch with their fans but we learned that their bass player Gabe prefers a more old fashion method of staying in contact. Listen to find out which member has plans to be either the next king of Richmond or of southeast Asia. You will also find what the best part of going to see a Soundstorm is. This episode includes RVA Music from Black Girls, Marionette, PROVERBIAL, The Silo Effect, The Rift, & The Canary Promise


Radio Rubber Room EP41, No Dice?

December 5th, 2011

In episode 41 we had Ryan, Ryan and Gina of the rock band No Dice stop by. They told us they had some big new to announce. We were pretty curtain we new what new what it was. Imagine our surprise when we found out they weren't finally changing Gina's name to Ryan and starting a musical law firm, Ryan, Ryan and Ryan. They actually had three big announces to make but we'll only let you in on one in this write up. You will have to listen to the show to find out the rest. They are about to release a new EP early in 2012, and they played us the new tracks. We really dug the new songs and as usually had a lot of laughs. In this episode you will also learn about Shauns new product, Shauns Edible Glue. You also hear some RVA music from The Snowy Owls, After Nasa, The People's Blues of Richmond, The Kindling Kind, Dane Ferguson and Horsehead. Enjoy.