Radio Rubber Room EP 47, The Dream Machine

January 27th, 2012

In EP 47 The Dream Machine made their second appearance on the show. The guys had been on close to a year ago, back when they were brand spanking new. The guys are seasoned now, with some new members, some great new tunes and big plans. This Episode includes RVA Music from The Kindling Kind, Grease Trigger(Twice), Powhatan's Curse, Ghost Owls and Spotted Dead Nettles. Enjoy. Keep up with Radio Rubber Room on Facebook and Twitter.


Radio Rubber Room EP 46, DJ Williams Projekt

January 20th, 2012

In episode 46 we had the pleasure of goofing off with the DJ Williams Projekt. These guys have a lot going on and have been a cornerstone of the music scene in Richmond over the last eight years. The DJ Williams Projekt is an epicenter of a musical web that spreads out all over the place. It was funny to learn that the whole band will be playing camp barefoot with other projects but not as the Projekt. Insanity. We were very happy that the guys drew some spontaneous inspiration from a member of our show. Everyone loves Simon's Mom but these guys really did and wrote and played a song dedicated to her on the spot. She is an inspiring lady. EP 46 includes RVA Music from Proverbial, Downbeat Switch, Muelle, The Dream Machine, Black Girls and No Dice. Enjoy! Keep up with Radio Rubber Room on Facebook and Twitter


Radio Rubber Room EP 45, Boxwave

January 13th, 2012

In episode 45, bass/cajon/funk duo Boxwave joined us on the show. Fresh out of the studio, we previewed a track from their soon to be released album, Broad Street Grease. The guys busted out some live jams as well. Check it out and be ready for 100% of your daily dose of fiber and find out why a 1/10 of a penny saved may not necessarily be a 1/10 of a penny earned. Enjoy Includes RVA Music from Grinding Stone, After Nasa, Silo Effect, Dane Ferguson, Marionette, and Psychobilly Cadillac. Click here to follow Radio Rubber Room on Facebook and follow @RadioRubberRoom on Twitter.


Radio Rubber Room EP 44, Mothball Fleet

January 7th, 2012

In Episode 44 we called up Mothball Fleet into action. The Polka/Punk duo, Oompa and Squeeze cranked out their unique brand of tunes for us and we learned a lot about an often over looked genre of music. We had a blast goofing off with these guys. Check it out and find out more about our campaign to bring the Polka category back as a Grammy Awards category. This episode includes RVA Music from Ghost Owls, Black Girls, Patrick Bates, The Inflatables, Murphy's Kids, and Gypsy Healers. Click here to keep up with us on Facebook and @RadioRubberRoom on Twitter.