Radio Rubber Room EP 51, Brother Bill

February 24th, 2012

In this episode, Brother Bill stopped by to goof off and play some tunes of their new self titled album. It's a kind of coincidence that Shaun also unveiled his new release this week: Shauns Austin's Single Key Keyboard. Brother Bill definitely has more complex harmonies Mountain Dew during the show so he gets points for that. The guys also fielded some question from fans via Facebook and Twitter who where attempting to win a pair of tickets to Black Girls Vinyl release Friday night. Now everyone knows they're preferred cuddling method as well as their favorite Doritos flavor and ice cream preferences. This episode includes RVA Music from The Trillions, The Dream Machine, PBR, Muelle, Relacksachian and Kid is Qual and Shaun dinking a 2 liter of Mountain Dew. Enjoy and keep up with Radio Rubber Room on Facebook and Twitter.


Radio Rubber Room EP 50, Michael Millions & Jesse Jarvis

February 17th, 2012

In episode 50, MC Michael Millions and comedian Jesse Jarvis graced the show with their dual presence. Everyone would agree that laughter and music are definitely in the top 5 best medicines, so if you have any ailments, this show may cure them. Though hip hop and comedy are two very different forms of artistic expression, we learned that they do have a big thing in common. Both arts forms take individuals that can bear their soul into a microphone in the hopes to entertain an audience. This episode also includes a call in from comedian Dan Cummins and the unveiling of a new sponsor, Cobra Vibers Extreme Yoga Dojo. It's also packed full of RVA hip hop. Enjoy and be sure to join us for Richmond Music Review #4 at The Tobacco Company this Sunday night.

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Radio Rubber Room EP 49, Marionette

February 10th, 2012

In this episode Marionette made there way to the center of the universe to be on the show. They gave a sneak peak of their soon to be released album, debuting one of their pre-mastered tracks and some intense live performances. Simon's mom definitely dug it. Based on the fact that know has heard from her since the show, we think she may have stowed herself away in Marionettes trailer so she can tag a long on there next road trip. Don't be worried though. It's not her first rodeo. She always has at least two flasks, a couple months supply of granola and a grapefruit on her at all times for situations such as this. She'll be able to survive in there for a while. Enjoy. Includes RVA Music from The Kindling Kind, The Inflatables, Silo Effect, Downbeat Switch and Dane Ferguson, Keep up with Radio Rubber Room on Facebook and Twitter.


Radio Rubber Room EP 48, Gypsy Healers

February 3rd, 2012

This show marked one year of Radio Rubber Room! Gypsy Healers stopped by and though they didn't bring any gifts to celebrate this historic date, they did bring some killer tunes. Though Shaun as always had some creative ideas on how they could tweak things a bit, these guys have a great sound and a good thing going. Enjoy!

This episode includes RVA music from The Canary Promise, Boxwave, People's Blues of Richmond, Black Girls, Levi's Gene Pool, and Psychobilly Cadillac.

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