Radio Rubber Room EP 72, The Trongone Band

July 29th, 2012

This episode features live covers from Richmond rockers The Trongone Band. Four members from this five piece group joined the show and covered an Allman Brothers song, one from Bill Withers, and two songs from The Grateful Dead. Even though John, Andrew, Matt, and Johnny had no idea what they were getting into, this episode kicked of at top speed and maintained a great mix of quick witted conversational humor and solid live music combined. Mr. Radley Rockwell imposed himself to kick off the second hour and shared his new and most pretentious musical endeavor involving various deli-meats as percussion instruments. Hidden somewhere in this episode is a hot stock tip from John Trongone. Listen and love it!

Songs Covered by The Trongone Band:

New minglewoood blues-grateful dead One way out- allman brothers Mississippi half step-grateful dead Use me- bill withers

RVA Music in this episode featuring Apache Radio, Farm Vegas, Downbeat Switch, Big Enough, Marionette, and Cardinal Compass


Radio Rubber Room EP 71, PJ Bottoms

July 20th, 2012

In this episode PJ Bottoms brought the party. They played some new tunes as well as some off of their current album, "Cooler of Beer." They also went through a cooler of beer. Have know doubt, this group loves beer and good times. Have a good time with them now. Click play.

This episode includes RVA Music from Crushed Purple, The Southern Belles, Muelle, Sajak & The Shack Band.

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Radio Rubber Room EP 70, Cardinal Compass

July 6th, 2012

In episode 70, Cardinal Compass navigated their way to The Rubber Room. Ironically, they did get a little lost on the way. They made it though and played some fantastic live tunes that will be available on their soon to be released debut album. Listen to find out when but not necessarily where it will be released. This episode is all about quincunx. Enjoy.

This episode includes RVA music from Proverbial, Brother Bill, Downbeat Switch, Photosynthesizers, The Kindling Kind & Psycobilly Cadillac.

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