Radio Rubber Room EP 77, GoldRush

August 31st, 2012

Goldrush is a four-piece Indie Rock band who has roots that go way deep into the RVA Music scene. Currently signed to Mad Dragon Records in Philly, Goldrush has been working with Motion City Soundtrack on a project called Making Moves - A series of 7" singles that feature "Local Artists" from around the country. In promotion of their record release party this Sunday @ The Camel, Goldrush joined the show to cut it up about their history, successes, failures, philosophies, and ink pen preferences. The jokes flew early and managed to hit their mark almost every time, thanks to the fantastic sense of humor Prabir, Matt and Treesa. But when Radley imposed himself on the beginning of the second hour, the laughter kicked into comedy beast mode, so listen, before it escapes, and destroys this city with it's monstrous awesomeness!

This episode features RVA Music from: Black Girls, The Shack Band, Southern Bells, The Dream Machine, Farm Vegas, and The Kindling Kind


Radio Rubber Room EP 76, City Problems

August 25th, 2012

City ProblemsIn this episode, the acoustic duo, City Problems joined the Radio Rubber Room team (with Brian Riley filling in for Derrick) for their weekly dose of audio mischief. It wasn't long before Kevin and Kyle got comfortable and shared four of thier deep and well put together tunes. With Derrick gone, Dan, Shawn and Brian improvised in the first hour and attempted to entertain the listeners with a new segment called "The Ten Greatest Moments in Fat People History". The segment had its moments, for the most part, and though it ran way over schedule, the guys got it together after the second break. Radley Rockwell brought with him a guest this week. This guest was a distant relative that may or may not also be related to Ozzy Osborne. Listen to find out more!

Music in this episode provided by: Ghost Owls, Gypsy Healers, The Kindling Kind, Grease Trigger, Cardinal Compass, and Crucializer


Radio Rubber Room EP 75, Tina Marie & Vinyl Tease

August 17th, 2012

In this episode Tina Marie & Vinyl Tease made they're way to the center of the Universe and things got steamy. They played some of their fantastic tunes and there were definite points in the conversation at which the AC need to be cranked up a little bit. Find out why a "&" in a bands name is always a good thing.

This episode includes RVA Music from Antero, Proverbial, Sajak, Splendid Suns, Muelle & Vexine.

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Radio Rubber Room EP 74, The Mystery Ship

August 10th, 2012

What a mysterious episode. The Mystery Ship voyaged to the center of The Universe... Ashland Virginia. They didn't reveal all of their mysteries but they did play some killer tunes off of their current album as well as some new ones that they will be hitting the studio with soon. The title of that album though does still remain a mystery. Check it out and learn why statistically, teen pregnancy drops dramatically at age 25. Enjoy.

This episode includes RVA Music from Cardinal Compass, The Southern Belles, Downbeat Switch, The Dream Machine, Brother Bill and The Inflatables.


Radio Rubber Room EP 73, Relacksachian

August 3rd, 2012

What a relaxin' episode. That is probably because Relacksachian stopped by to chillax on the Rubber Room. They brought their brand of Appalachian inspired improvisational music and left all the g's off. You'll get to here some new tunes that will be on their follow up to In The Tall Grass, which will be coming out sometime in the near future. You will also learn that there is such a thing as canned whiskey as well as which member of Relacksachian you want to see running the merch table to get the best deal. Enjoy.

This episode includes RVA music from Goldrush, Tina Marie & Vinyl Tease, People's Blues of Richmond, Vega Omega, Murphy's Kids and Black Girls

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