Radio Rubber Room EP 124, Lost Dreads

September 11th, 2014
In this episode, Lost Dreads found themselves on RRR at Sound Check Studio. Don't worry... the dreads location was discovered and Derrick now has his Halloween costume figured out with a month and a half to spare.  The group also discussed music videos of the mind, pocket flip books, all while saving the internet and getting down to some of Lost Dreads tunes. Keep an eye out for an album sometime during 2015 and enjoy... 

RVA  Music from GoGoldrush, Mighty Joshua, Imaginary Sons, Proverbial, The People's Blues of Richmond,  The Northerners, The Southern Belles

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Podcast Recorded & Mixed by Brian Farquhar at Sound Check Studios
Radio Rubber Room intro song by Lightfields & second hour intro by Mekong Xpress & The Get Fresh Horns
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